January 17, 2019

Liposuction and Body Contouring

Liposuction remains to the best common reconstructive surgery treatment all over the world, and also in India. It is essentially a long-term elimination of fat tissues by use of a sucking device. It is a secure treatment, with minimum downtime, and fast rehabilitation. It has been a shadow in small debates, and bad results, yet this has been because of the procedure being performed by inexperienced personnel, and other medicos who are not Plastic Surgeons.

So it is important that a possible client looks through the profile page of their managing doctor and butts really regardless if that man or woman is really capable of providing all that he guarantees. Do not be led away by claims that they can eliminate 10 kgs or 12 kilograms of body fat and make you super thin. Please keep in mind that the safe limitations of liposuction are between 3-5% of the overall body weight.


The procedure involves infiltration of fluid into the areas to be liposuction. That has multiple advantages and for more information refer Mr Morris Ritz. It assists in loosening up the fat, decreases the bleeding significantly, and enables discomfort control after treatments also. Typically I would infiltrate fluid in a ratio of 1:1 with the quantity of fat that I prepare to aspirate, i.e., if I experience that I may aspirate concerning 1000 cc of fat from a location, I wish to infiltrate lower than 10000 ccs of the fluid in that area. I really infiltrate much below that, only about 0.5:1 ratio.

This has the advantage that I never ever face the risk of fluid overload (potentially dangerous condition, where there is too much water in the physical body, and the lungs obtain filled with water). The other benefit is that what is aspirated is natural fat, and not water combined with fat. This provides an exact estimate of the amount of fat taken out. We surgeons have a poor habit of including the amount of liquid aspirated into the total volume taken out also so that we can possess having performed big liposuctions.